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25. February 2011

Christina Merkley

The Shift-it Coach about Neuland

" Neuland catalogues are religiously distributed at every one of my graphic workshops. It's my sincere pleasure to turn global mentees onto the quality, professionalism and downright gorgeousness of these products. Their Refillable Markers, GraphicWall, Bikablo and Stick-It Cards never fail to bring loud ohhhs and ahhhhs, and come with my hardy recommendation (and no, they don't pay me to say that!). Neuland - you are top-notch! "

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As a pioneering ‘graphic coach’, Christina Merkley facilitates individuals, partners and conscious businesses and is a sought after mentor to helping professionals across the globe.

Known for her innovative visual methods and progressive mindset, Christina’s work juxtaposes her childhood love of doodling and drawing with a fascinating background in organizational and personal growth.

With a Masters Degree in Organizational Development & Transformation (ODT), Christina began her career in the San Francisco Bay area as a Graphic Recorder with The Grove Consultants International traveling extensively throughout North America and Europe.



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