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Metalog Tower of Power XXL

For teams who set their teams a little higher.

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For teams who set their teams a little higher.

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The Project. We know that great teams make great things happen. But the constant challenge of meeting or even exceeding goals set in advance is very demanding for all persons involved. "How should we treat each other?", "What's important for each of us in team work?", "Who's taking the lead?": These are just a few questions among many that need answering. The answers to them are the keys to joyful, synergetic team work.

How It's Done. The trainer places 8 wooden blocks upright on the floor. Each team member picks up one of the ropes (or more, according to the number of participants; individual ropes can be detached if necessary) which are connected to a crane.The task is to use that crane to build a tower by placing the blocks on top of each other. The participants must not touch the blocks with their hands or any other part of their bodies.
This truly is a shaky challenge, because the way the blocks are cut allows for no hectic and uncoordinated movements. That's why this task can only be solved by precise planning and communication, along with well-organized team work.

Persons (min/opt/max): 6/12/24.
Time (w/o debriefing): 10-45 minutes.
Space needed: 8 x 8 meters.

Topics & Goals. Leadership training: Identifying interdependencies in systems, dealing with risk, giving feedback. Team building: Communicating effectively, cooperating, being an active listener, maintaining the balance. Project management: Simulating strategic planning; working under time pressure.

Tower of Power. In the box: 1 crane (beech / stainless steel) with 24 robust strings (2m x 3mm, braided 8 times), 8 blocks cut from massive beech wood, 1 detailed instruction manual.

: 34 x 46 x 16 cm. Weight: 9.5 kg incl. case. Ships in a sturdy aluminum suitcase with detachable shoulder belt.

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