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Sam Bradd

Sam Bradd: drawing change
Vancouver, BC
90000 Vancouver

Fon 604 616 8680

Background / Experiences

My philosophy is 'drawing change'. My background is unique: I’m a trained facilitator and an experienced illustrator. I understand group dynamics in large-group transformational change, and it helps me address the needs of event organizers, educators, and facilitators. I draw quickly, clearly, and can capture the ‘heart’ of the meaning in my graphic recordings. My education and work experiences have made me a deep listener. I find the stories beneath the surface and channels them into my art. The emerging themes and connections revitalize existing supporters and engage new ones. And the process of helping organizations grow and change is the driving force of my work. I'm based in Vancouver, BC Canada and am a unionized freelancer.

I offer:

- graphic recording at meetings, events - preparing graphic recording images based on reports and documents - working with facilitators to design agendas - graphic design - illustration services (traditional, digital, and vector-based)

I search:

I'm always looking for new connections and experiences. Open to travel and video projects.

Core competence:

Over 10 years' professional experience working with non-profit sectors in the areas of health care, governance, disability, food security, and cultural competency. My education includes advanced facilitation training, art/design classes from Emily Carr University, and currently I'm pursuing a Masters in Educational Studies.



Sam Bradd

Vancouver, BC

90000 Vancouver

Telephone: 604 616 8680

E-Mail: Email

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