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21. June 2012

Cooking with Colors

New in the online-shop: PanPastels®

Many artists use chalk pastels to create wonderful pieces of art. However, for those new to using chalk pastels, they can be intimidating… until now. A new type of Pastel Chalk from the US is emerging with its fresh take on this classic favourite that traditional and graphic artists alike will be swooning over. The PanPastel® Chalks are easier to work with than standard chalks because of its wonderful smooth and silky texture all encased in convenient “pan” pots.

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We put the innovative pastel product to the test here at our Neuland office, and we were thrilled with the results! The soft colors apply cleanly and do not lose their vibrancy of color during application; whilst creating only a minimal amount of the usual dust associated with using chalks.

Apply colors directly from the pan. So easy to use with the aid of soft tools! Simply glide the PanPastel® color as you would with any other medium.


How does the color get out of the pan and onto the paper?
The creators of PanPastel® also designed effective tools for the best and varied application of its product. Their wide assortment of applicators will have everyone satisfied for choice. From large soft sponges for covering bigger surface areas, to small sponges with detailed contours or palette knife-like tools for effective precision work.


A few efficient strokes are enough to pick up a good amount of color on your applicator as the quality of the product begins to shine through. You will immediately recognize the intensity of the pigment and richness of the texture. The vibrant PanPastel® colors are quite striking and up to 4 times more economical than conventional chalks. Creating large homogenous areas of color will be as easy as creating fine lines.

Can I work with both PanPastel® and with Neuland markers?

Absolutely! We have selected 20 colors from our marker assortment to coordinate perfectly with the 20 PanPastel® color range. We also went one step further and created a new Vario-One® Panel for convenient simple transportation of the PanPastel®, along with its applicators. Our modular Novario Training Cases can also accommodate this new product line.

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