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25. February 2011

Here comes the Boss!

Experience the new Neuland TrainerMarker

Our bestselling marker has now merged with our wide TrainerMarker nib creating the all new impressive: BigOne!

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We decided to make our popular refillable TrainerMarkers even better by adding on our unique marker design features: the clever ergonomic finger grooves and the thoughtful rolling stop. The wide 6-12 mm wedged nib is the ideal size for creating bold headings, borders, graphics and endless visualization ideas!

We know our beautiful color selection is one of the best in the business with 25 sublime colors to help you create and communicate exactly what you imagine.

The TrainerMarker BigOnes are a refillable marker; making them highly cost-efficient by allowing you to refill your markers up to 9 times, and when the nib finally wears down you can also get a replacement for that. This all adds up to not only being good for your bottom line, but also making it easy to be green!

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