Hafti Restickable Glue Stick

Hafti Restickable Glue Stick

A glue stick that provides the repositioning "sticky note effect"
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Hafti Restickable Glue Stick

The Hafti restickable glue stick can be effectively utilized to reattach paper to achieve the desired sticky note effect. Application instructions must be strictly followed and as a general guideline, the adhesive surface should be larger for larger-sized paper.

Important: Apply Hafti glue stick onto paper and allow the glue to set for a full 1-2 minutes BEFORE using the paper. It is imperative to allow the glue to adhere onto the paper first for it to create the pressure-sensitive properties that enable you to stick and restick the paper on smooth surfaces.

ATTENTION! Failure to follow the recommended waiting time after applying the glue will result in the glue sticking like regular glue, and the paper cannot be repositioned.

Technical Details
Non-toxic, Solvent-free
Ingredients: resin, water, glycerine, sodium stearate, phenoxyethanol
Dimensions: 8.5 cm height, 1.8 cm diameter
Weight: 7.5 g
Environmental compatibility: Dispose empty containers with regular household waste