EuroFlip® FlipChart- 00 schwarz kartoniert
EuroFlip® FlipChart- 01 filztuch anthrazit 9294
EuroFlip® FlipChart- 02 filztuch hellgrau 9318
EuroFlip® FlipChart- 03 filztuch schwarz 9315
EuroFlip® FlipChart- 04 filztuch gelb 9524
EuroFlip® FlipChart- 06 filztuch signalrot 9225
EuroFlip® FlipChart- 05 filztuch mandarine 9022
EuroFlip® FlipChart- 08 filztuch azur 9399
EuroFlip® FlipChart- 13 filztuch naturweiß 9590
EuroFlip® FlipChart- 10 filztuch apfel 9100
EuroFlip® FlipChart- 09 filztuch marine 9405
EuroFlip® FlipChart- 16 filztuch ocean 9391
EuroFlip® FlipChart
EuroFlip® FlipChart
EuroFlip® FlipChart
EuroFlip® FlipChart
EuroFlip® FlipChart
EuroFlip® FlipChart

EuroFlip® FlipChart

The bestseller among portable FlipCharts – super light and quick to build up. No loose parts! Selectable as black foam board (K00) or with felt (colors 01-16).
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EuroFlip® FlipChart

The popular EuroFlip® is a must-have meeting room item. It is not only a flipchart it also features a pinboard working surface covered with high-density felt and is our most transportable full sized flipchart. The adjustable board height is a professional analog addition to online trainings, because you can optimally align it – whether sitting or standing – with the camera / webcam. The aluminum frame provides durable strength, yet is lightweight enough making it ideal for transporting.

Our high-quality EuroFlip® comes with a handy built-in fold up marker tray and adjustable paper brackets, so that any brand of flipchart paper can be used.

Technical details
Aluminum frame, powder-coated in RAL 9007 grey aluminum
Worktop: black foam (no felt) or felt-laminated hard foam board – thus super light
Scissor-type telescope frame made of powder coated steel tube
Table height: from 109 to 187 cm infinitely adjustable
Overall size: W 76,5 x H 187 x D 49 cm / W 30 x H 73. 6x D 19.3 inches
Transport size: B 76,5 x H 109 x T 8,5 cm / W 30 x H 43 x D3.3 inches
Working surface: B 72 x H 99 cm / W 28 x H 39 inches
Weight: 6.5 kg / 14.3 lbs (no felt) – 7 kg / 15.4 lbs (with felt)