Graphic Facilitation / Visual Facilitation

Graphic Facilitation or Visual Facilitation is the visual accompaniment of group processes. The process as well as the contents and results are recorded in visual form. As a rule, a combination of words, pictures and so-called containers are chosen. The method originated in the USA at about the same time as the moderation method became established here in Europe. The application areas of visual process support are diverse, but in any case require the careful selection of an experienced graphic or visual facilitator.

Graphic Recording

Graphic Recording is one of the most important disciplines of visualization. The "visual protocol" is created simultaneously as the actual event and requires a high degree of concentration and at the same time a maximum of visual skills, because it is a matter of translating what has been heard into a comprehensible image as quickly as possible. If this is not possible with one person alone, the graphic recorder works with a supporting person who assists with short notes of what happened.

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Neuland products for Graphic Facilitation and Recording

In visual processes, large images are created that take up the appropriate space in order to be able to see and understand the visually depicted process. For exactly this purpose Neuland has developed some special boards that have been successfully used internationally for years: so-called GraphicWalls. These extremely landscape-format boards can be covered with paper from a roll and offer the visualization expert the space to work professionally. At the same time, these boards are always easy to transport and quick to set up.