Do you want to refill your Neuland Markers, fill up empty markers or exchange nibs?
Whether it is Neuland No.One®, Neuland BigOne®, Neuland TwinOne®, Neuland FineOne®, Neuland ChalkOne®, AcrylicOne or whiteboard markers: To ensure that you can use your favorite markers optimally and for a long time, this page tells you everything you need to know about their handling. By the way, you will also be making a valuable contribution to durability and sustainability. Find even more stories and life hags in our blog or on YouTube.

We distinguish between markers with fiber nibs and pump valve system with an ink reservoir.

Markers with fiber nibs

Neuland fiber markers absorb the ink from an internal fiber stick via the nib. The fiber nib markers can easily and cleanly be filled with ink using our refill system.  

The instructions on refilling and replacing the nibs can be found below.

Instructions for Neuland markers with fiber nibs

Neuland FineOne® PRE 07/2020

Nib replacement

Pump valve markers with liquid reservoir

Pump valve markers have a supply reservoir for liquid ink, which is pumped to the nib via a valve system. While fiber nib markers are continuously supplied with ink from the fiber stick, valve markers require regular pumping. For refilling, valve markers are unscrewed and the ink is filled into the reservoir.

You can find our refill instructions for our pump valve markers below.

Refill instructions for pump valve markers with liquid reservoir

Neuland ChalkOne®

Nib replacement

Neuland AcrylicOne

Nib replacement

More information about Neuland markers

Yes, indeed, there are more exciting information about Neuland markers. And you can find it right here.
If you still have questions about Neuland markers, please contact the Neuland-Team

Alcohol based inks

Whiteboard markers and Estatic markers are alcohol-based inks. You can find more information here.

Biocide information

Some inks contain preservatives that requires mandatory identification. You can get the detailed information here.


Not all inks are equally lightfast. You can find out which inks like the sun here.

Correct storage

Upside down or lying down? You can find out how to store your Neuland markers properly here.

Neuland Marker overview

The big overview of the entire Neuland marker assortment you will find here.