FlipChart EuroFlip®- 00 schwarz kartoniert
FlipChart EuroFlip®- 01 filztuch anthrazit 9294
FlipChart EuroFlip®- 02 filztuch hellgrau 9318
FlipChart EuroFlip®- 03 filztuch schwarz 9315
FlipChart EuroFlip®- 04 filztuch gelb 9524
FlipChart EuroFlip®- 06 filztuch signalrot 9225
FlipChart EuroFlip®- 05 filztuch mandarine 9022
FlipChart EuroFlip®- 08 filztuch azur 9399
FlipChart EuroFlip®- 13 filztuch naturweiß 9590
FlipChart EuroFlip®- 10 filztuch apfel 9100
FlipChart EuroFlip®- 09 filztuch marine 9405
FlipChart EuroFlip®- 16 filztuch ocean 9391
FlipChart EuroFlip®
FlipChart EuroFlip®
FlipChart EuroFlip®
FlipChart EuroFlip®
FlipChart EuroFlip®
FlipChart EuroFlip®

FlipChart EuroFlip®

The top-selling portable FlipChart - extremely lightweight and easy to assemble. Adjustable to various heights and can be securely locked for use on tables or while seated. Selectable as black foam board (K00) or with felt (colors 01-16).

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FlipChart EuroFlip®

The EuroFlip® is a remarkably lightweight portable FlipChart, weighing only 7 kg/15 lbs, due to its lightweight but durable hard foam board. This material also has the added function advantage of turning the EuroFlip® to a pinboard. 

With its adjustable board height ranging from 109 to 187 cm, the EuroFlip® offers versatile usage options. It can be utilized as a traditional presentation flipchart at a standard height, as a table-top flipchart, or even while seated, including for individuals using a wheelchair. Additionally, it is suitable for children as well.

The EuroFlip® features a retractable marker holder that can be conveniently folded in for safe transportation. Its innovative paper holder is equipped with adjustable sliding pins, providing the flexibility to accommodate whichever brand of flipchart paper you choose, along with a handy cheat sheet holder, allowing you to effortlessly use just one or hang multiple pads. The spring-loaded tear-off flap enables smooth tearing of individual sheets of paper. 

Thanks to its ingenious technology, setting up the EuroFlip® is a smooth and simple process, requiring only a few easy steps. Plus, the clever design assures that there won't be any extra parts or tools to worry about!  A convenient carrying bag for protected transportation and practical mobile castor frame accessories are both sold separately. 

Technical Details:
Aluminum frame, powder-coated to RAL 9007 color, grey aluminum
Work surface options: hard black foam board or felt-laminated hard foam board
Telescopic scissor shape frame made of powder-coated tubular steel
Board height: from 109 to 187 cm (adjustable)
Overall size: W 76.5 x H 187 x D 49 cm / / W 30 x H 73. 6x D 19.3 inches
Transport size: W 76.5 x H 109 x D 8.5 cm / W 30 x H 43 x D3.3 inches
Work surface: W 72 x H 99 cm / W 28 x H 39 inches
Weight: 6.5 kg / 14.3 lbs (no felt) / 7 kg / 15.4 lbs (with felt)