Pinboard ClassicPin MC- 00 schwarz kartoniert
Pinboard ClassicPin MC- 01 filztuch anthrazit 9294
Pinboard ClassicPin MC- 02 filztuch hellgrau 9318
Pinboard ClassicPin MC- 03 filztuch schwarz 9315
Pinboard ClassicPin MC- 04 filztuch gelb 9524
Pinboard ClassicPin MC- 05 filztuch mandarine 9022
Pinboard ClassicPin MC- 06 filztuch signalrot 9225
Pinboard ClassicPin MC- 08 filztuch azur 9399
Pinboard ClassicPin MC- 09 filztuch marine 9405
Pinboard ClassicPin MC- 10 filztuch apfel 9100
Pinboard ClassicPin MC- 13 filztuch naturweiß 9590
Pinboard ClassicPin MC- 16 filztuch ocean 9391
Pinboard ClassicPin MC
Pinboard ClassicPin MC
Pinboard ClassicPin MC
Pinboard ClassicPin MC

Pinboard ClassicPin MC

Neuland's first foldable Pinboard is quickly assembled together with a simple Allen key. Selectable as black foam board (K00) or with felt (colors 01-16).
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Pinboard ClassicPin MC

The ClassicPin MC is the first Neuland foldable pinboard designed from over 30 years ago.
The ClassicPin has been getting better with age and remains one of our all-time bestsellers; enabling training professionals to work with confidence whenever a working surface is needed. It is a single unit that folds and locks into place with a simple but durable sliding bar and legs with feet that set up with a built on Allen key that is cleverly hidden along the frame so you never lose track of it.

Customize your ClassicPin by choosing from a variety of available felt colors or black foam board.

Technical details:
Aluminum frame with arch-shaped legs, powder-coated in RAL 9007 grey aluminum

Transport size: W 127 x H 79,5 cm / W 50 x H 31 inches 
Total size:  W 127 x H 193 cm / W 50 x H 76 inches
Working surface: W 118 x H 146 cm / W 46.5 x H 57.5 inches 
Weight: 6.1 kg / 13.4 lbs (no felt), 7 kg / 15.4 lbs (with felt)