Pinboard LW-11 Duo- 01 filztuch anthrazit 9294
Pinboard LW-11 Duo- 02 filztuch hellgrau 9318
Pinboard LW-11 Duo- 03 filztuch schwarz 9315
Pinboard LW-11 Duo- 04 filztuch gelb 9524
Pinboard LW-11 Duo- 05 filztuch mandarine 9022
Pinboard LW-11 Duo- 06 filztuch signalrot 9225
Pinboard LW-11 Duo- 08 filztuch azur 9399
Pinboard LW-11 Duo- 09 filztuch marine 9405
Pinboard LW-11 Duo- 10 filztuch apfel 9100
Pinboard LW-11 Duo- 13 filztuch naturweiß 9590
Pinboard LW-11 Duo
Pinboard LW-11 Duo- 16 filztuch ocean 9391
Pinboard LW-11 Duo
Pinboard LW-11 Duo

Pinboard LW-11 Duo

The unique combination of a pinboard and a magnetic whiteboard both in one smart LW design. Available in various felt colors.
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Pinboard LW-11 Duo

The whiteboard side of the multi-functional LW-board is made out of high quality magnetic enamel, and on the flipside our classic pinboard made from durable foam covered with a superior felt fabric.

Customize your LW-11 by choosing from a variety of available felt colors.

Pro Tip: dry erase ink is designed to erase when dry, wait for ink to full dry before erasing to avoid ghosting, dying or streaking.

Technical details:
Aluminum frame with V-shaped steel feet, powder-coated in S004 silver

Total size: W 127.5 x H 192 cm / W 50.2 x H 76 inches
Working surface: W 119 x H 147 cm / W 46.65 x H 58 inches
Weight: 15.5 kg / 34.2 lbs