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Create your own visual language to bring your dreams to reality

I am very happy to have the opportunity offered to me by Neuland to encourage everyone to recover the skill of drawing as a means of expression.

Lose the fear of drawing!
Everyone can rediscover drawing as a tool for communication. You don’t need to be an artist to enjoy sliding markers on the paper and seeing how your ideas become reality. Simple drawings, words, boxes, lines and arrows serve to build visual pieces that allow us to think, to communicate, to share reflections, to innovate, to follow the progress of a project, to prototype our ideas.

Different colors and models
I am committed to the search for ways to help us focus our thinking. I have full confidence in DRAWING as a POWERFUL TOOL to translate the complex into simple. In order to explore our imagination we need the right tools that help us capture our ideas.

Color is one of the best allies for developing and organizing information, Neuland´s markers palette is so wide that allows us to fall in love with our favorite hues.

And also we need to find the right support, creativity flows when we use the right board, an inspiring notebook or a paper roll to present our stories. Neuland´s innovative spirit provides us with an amazing set of creativity holders.

Make a choice and open the gate to enter the GRAPHIC WORLD!

"Start refilling your ideas"

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RefillOne Ink, Outliner, permanent
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Fill me up with LOVE – Bag
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#farbset wählen_set no. 19 jellyfish

"Start visualizing today"

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bikablo® posters
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#marker-farbe wählen_202 rosa
#marker-farbe wählen_301 türkis
#marker-farbe wählen_401 hellgrün
#marker-farbe wählen_500 brillantgelb
#marker-farbe wählen_600 orange
#marker-farbe wählen_801 goldocker
#marker-farbe wählen_101 grau

"Color is the best structuring tool"

#farbset wählen_set no. 16 mermaid´s kiss
#farbset wählen_set no. 17 sunset
#farbset wählen_set no. 18 pink amethyst

"Visual Storytelling"

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"Capture every single idea"