Neuland Toolmaster®

Neuland Toolmaster® are trainers, visualizers and coaches, true professionals in their field. We share a passion for really good tools with them. With the Toolmasters, we share our knowledge of the why and wherefore: the correct handling of our tools and many tricks that are not found in any manual. This is how method professionals become real material professionals. And they are happy to share this valuable know-how with their training participants, partners and colleagues.

Toolmasters feel right at home in the Neuland Playground® - rooms of the finest quality and equipped with the best of material. This is where they train and give little impulses. Like us, they enjoy the constant flow of new ideas. Neuland Toolmaster® live the intensive exchange in this community. They expand their network with interesting people who are just as curious as they are and want to make a difference together.

Neuland Toolmaster® 2024

Barbara Schneider
(Barbara loves to draw)

Benjamin Felis
(Benjamin Felis Graphic Recording)

Daniel Bartschat
(Playful Insights)

Franziska Schwarz
(Visual Facilitators GmbH)

Friederike Abitz
(Visual Facilitators GmbH)

Heidrun Künzel
(Freudvoll & Leicht)

Liane Hoder

Martina Grigoleit
(Expertin für  Business Illustration)

Mathias Weitbrecht
(Visual Facilitators GmbH)

Nicole Hackenberg
(Freudvoll & Leicht)

Sandra Dirks
(Sandra Dirks …die mit den Flipcharts)

Sebastian Schwägele
(Playful Insights)

Wir danken unseren bisherigen Toolmastern und Freunden unserer Neuland Community für die wertvolle und kreative Zeit:

Britta Ludwig
(Coaching | Training | Visualisierung)
Michaela Luise Fischer (kommunikationslotsen®)

Stephan Frank (stiftcoach)
Ivo Haase (Facilitator)