Collect Neuland points and enjoy benefits with our

Loyalty Program

This is how our loyalty program works:

Open a customer account and verify your email address and you've already secured your first 5 points!

Sign up for our newsletter. Your points account will be credited by 5 points and you will always be the first to hear about news and attractive promotions.

Now you are registered and automatically collect valuable Neuland points with every online order. The number of points is automatically calculated from the value of your order. From a net value of 50 € you can look forward to your first Neuland point. From 100 € net you get two points and so on ... Your collected points will be automatically saved in your account after payment.

Tell us your date of birth and we will automatically give you 5 Neuland points every year, just in time for your birthday.

Recommend us!

You will find your personal recommendation link in the "Neuland points" tab under the menu item: Collect points. Send this link to a person for whom our products could be interesting. If a new customer places an order, you will receive 5% of the net order value as a Neuland points credit. The best thing about it: Whoever is referred also benefits from your recommendation and saves 5% on the order total when ordering for the first time via your link.

Excluded from the loyalty program are unfortunately all books. For these products we are not allowed to credit or charge you points!
Self-recommendation for referral points are not possible.

How long are Neuland points valid?

Your Neuland points are valid for 365 days from the time they are credited to your account. If no further points are added, your points will expire if you do not convert them into shopping vouchers before then. (Don't worry: We will remind you in time with an e-mail message.) If new points are added within the 365 days, all Neuland points will be valid again for 365 days from that point on. With new points you also extend the validity of the old ones.

Where can I see my points balance?

Once you have logged into your online account, you have two easy ways to view your Neuland points information: Either in the customer account itself under the Neuland Points menu tab, or via the Loyalty Program tab in the sidebar. Here you can also convert them into vouchers.

How can I redeem my points?

You can easily convert your collected points into a net price advantage. To do this, you can conveniently generate an advantage code directly in your customer account under "Your vouchers" or via the Loyalty Program button in the sidebar. You decide for yourself how many Neuland points you would like to exchange.
But be careful: Only exchange as many Neuland points as your merchandise value. Too many redeemed points cannot be credited.

You can then redeem this advantage code in the checkout process and the net price advantage will reduce your net merchandise total.

This works for every purchase, except for discount promotions. There it is not possible to redeem your loyalty points.

To the points, ready steady go!