The Team

This is us: the people behind the phone numbers and e-mail addresses. The people that are there for you when you need help, or have a question.

In our family of over 100 Neulanders we are continuously puzzling over new and existing products, which are manufactured by hand and then packed with love, ready to start their journey to your home.

All of these people bring their individual talents and strengths and always work to do better tomorrow than today. And they believe that one can always achieve more in a team than alone.

We are ONE!

National Sales

Birgit Schilling
(Head of National Sales)

Dominik Parson
(National Sales)

Sieglinde Wehner
(Assistent to Head of National Sales)

Anja Kriegsmann
(National Sales)

Dennis Müller
(National Sales)

Angelika Hofmann
(National Sales)

Renate Abel
(National Sales)

Verena Bagus
(Beratung & Verkauf)

Süleyman Nurdogan
(National Sales)

Katy Mosert
(National Sales Online)

Annette Hirsch
(National Sales Online)

Nurcan Dogan
(National Sales Online)

Yvonne Heckert
(Address & Data Management)

International Sales

Safak Holyst
(Head of International Sales)

Kirsten Loetters
(International Sales & Key Account)

Michelle Blaauw
(International Sales & Key Account)

Christof Holyst
(International Sales)

Carmen Musiol
(International Sales)

Anja Fiedler
(International Sales)

Daniel Abramski
(International Sales)

Sabine Müller
(International Sales)

Danielle van Zanten
(International Sales Netherland)

Pieter van Leeuwen
(International Sales Netherlands)

Josie Chan
(International Sales North America)


Our highlight of 2018: our Fifty Years of Passion celebration.

After such a great party, it is sometimes difficult to get back into everyday life. But actually everyday life is full of little wonders:
Each staff member from Team Neuland (called "Neuländer") is part of it.

And last but not least, everyone who passionately uses Neuland products!
Thank you for creating little miracles together every day.

In the now and in the future!