STABILO® woody DUO, sets- 10er set
STABILO® woody DUO, sets- 10er set
STABILO® woody DUO, sets- 5er set
STABILO® woody DUO, sets- 5er set
STABILO® woody DUO, sets

STABILO® woody DUO, sets

The colourful all-rounder with two-colour duo lead for twice the visualization fun. For effective visualizations on all types of paper - including cardboard, brown and black paper. Different colored sets with sharpener.
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STABILO® woody DUO, sets

The two-colored STABILO woody 3 in 1 duo offers you a colored pencil, wax crayon and watercolor combination in one pencil. Enjoy the simplicity of just turning a pencil tip to get another color and the fun color mixing to let your creativity flow on a variety of mediums. It features a break-resistent core that boasts 8 times more color than a regular colored pencil. 
Ideal for artists, hobbyists and children, these multi-talented pencils are ideal on dark paper offering a smooth opague finish and high-contrast results. They are perfect for coloring large surfaces and trying out different coloring methods. Add a bit of water to your paper and experiment with watercolor techniques. Effective on glass, whiteboards and metal where the paint can easily be wiped off.
They are responsibly crafted from 100% PEFC-certified cultivated sourced wood and includes a customized sharpner.

Each individual set offers the following assorted colors: 
• 5-color set: yellow/cyan blue, orange/black, STABILOred/dark green, light green/brown, pink/heliotrope.
• 10-color set: yellow/cyan blue, orange/black, ultramarine blue/turquoise, STABILOred/dark green, light green/brown, pink/heliotrope, turquoise/light green, yellow/violet, orange/medium blue, white/apricot.

Technical Details
• High opacity and color saturation - even on dark paper and cardboard
• Robust, two-colored lead, diameter 10 mm
• Made from 100% strictly controlled, PEFC-certified wood