Re-thought, Re-made:

The Neuland Cover Marker

  • The Neuland FineOne® Cover is ideal for smaller surfaces, giving you clean lines on black paper and dark backgrounds.
  • The Neuland No.One® Cover is available with wedge and bullet nibs.
  • The Neuland BigOne® Cover is offered with a dramatic large brush nib. Its strong lines and curves are ideal for handlettering on black paper and creates exciting accents on grey and brown paper. It can do even more: you can use it on large-format visualizations on glass boards or windowpanes.

In addition, you can use all Neuland Cover Markers on surfaces that have previously been blackened with a Neuland Outliner. You can also apply your Cover strokes in several layers on top of each other to get a fuller opaque result. The Cover markers can be used with other water-based Neuland markers, if you wish to add color to your visualizations for a further dramatic effect.
Last, but certainly not least, the new Cover markers can all be refilled like our other classic markers. The Neuland BigOne® Cover, for example, can easily be refilled 11 times with one bottle of RefillOne Cover ink.