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The team at Visuality gets down to the business of facilitating visual workshops – like our signature Flipchart and Sketchnote Ninja workshops – with our trusty Neuland markers in hand. When we choose our tools, we like to pick the ones that make it easy for us to co-create with the group: we want to be ready and capture the dynamics that will make people connect and align with each other during meetings, briefings, evaluations, etc. We go bold with blacks, ground with greys, and pop with colors. Our practiced team has put together three toolkits which will get your workshop off on the right foot.

What are these workshops we’re talking about?

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Visual Facilitation Kit

Starter pack for visual facilitators, containing essential markers for amazing FlipCharts.

This Visual Facilitation kit will allow you to create magical FlipCharts that will "WOW" the participants of your trainings and workshops, and will help you guide them in their path to learning and decision-making.

We created it with the beginner facilitator in mind. It contains all the markers you need to start your visual facilitation journey.

The variety in marker sizes will allow you to create hierarchy of content on your FlipChart. The selected color palette works very nicely. You will be able to create a visual structure, with high contrast black for text, medium contrast colors to color code ideas, grey for backgrounds and shading and light colors for highlighting.

We also selected a variety of marker nibs so that you can practice different styles of strokes and discover what works best for you!

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Visual Facilitation Kit
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