Neuland Ambassador®

Over the years, as Neuland has put forth many innovative tools into the market; we have at the same time developed outstanding professional relationships with those who not just use our products but became truly infatuated with them.

They are those facilitators and trainers who, like Neuland, feel themselves at home in the world of visualization. Like us they are particularly enthusiastic about meeting and speaking a common visual language. Exactly those who are as excited as we are when another new marker color is released.
These particular people are part of an elite global circle known as Neuland Ambassador®.

They are selected for their extensive work in visualization and their enthusiastic commitment to using Neuland products in their daily work, sharing their knowledge and showing by experience why they love working with our professional equipment! They stand for our brand and products.

Please visit our Ambassadors’ recommendations to help you hit the ground running:

Europe Ambassadors

Mara Callaert

Jimi Holstebro

Ivo Haase

Marcus de Vale
(Great Britain)

Francesco Bianchi
(Ireland & Italy)

Birgit Smit

Corine Matser

Filippo Buzzini

North America Ambassadors

Sam Bradd
(British Columbia, CA)

Heather Martinez
(Colorado, USA)

Renatta Algalarrondo
(Virginia, USA)

Brandy Agerbeck
(Illinois, USA)

Diane Bleck
(Wisconsin, USA)

Mike Rohde
(Wisconsin, USA)

A big thank you to all our previous Ambassadors and friends of the Neuland community for their valuable and creative time:

Amanda Lyons (USA)
Beate Broskova (Czech Republic)
Carolyn Ellis (Canada)
Christina Hemmingsen (Denmark)
Claudian Dobos (Romania)
Disa Kauk (Canada)
Donatella Pastorino (Brazil)
Emily Shepard (USA)
Erica Bota (Canada)

Ester Danelova (Czech Republic)
Franziska Goderbauer
Frida Panousis
Hans Gutierez
Heather Willems
Jo Hobson
(South Africa)
Karolina Iwa
Katerina Kozelska
(Czech Republic)
Kelvy Bird

Klaudia Tolman (Poland)
Liisa Sorsa (Canada)
Marcela Janickova (Czech Republic)
Marcelo Alvarez (Chile)
Michelle Boos-Stone (USA)
Mona Ebdrup (Denmark)
Natalia Luptakova (Slovak Republic)
Nevada Lane (USA)
Nora Herting (USA)

Sophia Liang (USA)
Terese Ellnestram (Sweden)
Tim Hammons (Singapore)
Yuri Malishenko (Denmark)
Yuxian Mao (China)
Zulma Sofia Patarroyo (Colombia)