LW-S is Neuland's modular sliding panel system

The basic module of the LW-S consists of a wall-mounted board, which can be used either as a whiteboard or pin board with an integrated pen tray and an upper channel. This allows the boards to slide together.

We manufacture these panels to the exact centimetre, based on your needs. We can produce basic modules with a width of up to 4m.

If desired, the sliding board system can be expanded with an additional channel. Since this option cannot be modified, it should be ordered together with the basic model. With the additional running channel, the sliding panels can be moved on top of each other.

The sliding boards are available as pinboards, whiteboards or flipcharts. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, the panels slide quietly, smoothly and effortlessly on the rails.

If you want to perfect your presentation dramaturgically, you present the introduction to the seminar, meeting or conference on the closed surface. The next element of the agenda are hidden underneath. When the time is right, the surface opens like a theatre curtain and reveals the next steps.

You will love the Neuland sliding panel systems thanks to its small space requirement and large presentation area. It is suitable for offices, meeting and conference rooms of all sizes. The LW-S is available in various RAL and felt colours and fits seamlessly into existing colour concepts and company designs.

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