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Estatics M Bundle Sets

Estatics M Bundle Sets

Electrostatic adhesive cards available in a 4-color set including a Neuland FineOne® Estatic marker. Discover the convenience, versatile and user-friendly solution for capturing and organizing your ideas. Embrace your creativity and enjoy the freedom to let your thoughts flow effortlessly.
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Estatics M Bundle Sets

With no need for pins or glue, our versatile electrostatically charged sticky notes are perfect for individual or group work, brainstorming sessions, agile project management, Kanban boards, and presentations. Designed to stick securely to almost any smooth surface, including paper, hard foam, whiteboard, glass, plastic, metal, cork, or wood. Neuland Estatics ensures your important notes stay in place for as long as you need them.

Writing recommendations:
Front side: The Neuland FineOne® Estatics included in the set (fastest drying time). Ballpoint pens and pencils also work! 
White side: Whiteboard marker (wipeable)

Tip: The Estatics M Advantage Set cards can be conveniently stored and transported in the Novario® utensil box.

Turn any surface into a creative space with Neuland Estatics!
Environmental protection starts small - recycle your Estatics after use! 

Technical data: 
Dimensions: 100 x 70 mm
Assortment: 400 sheets (100 sheets per color) + 1 Neuland FineOne® Estatics, round tip 1 mm, black 
Material: recyclable polypropylene