LW-X GraphicWall, 4 Board Elements/Set- 00 schwarz kartoniert
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LW-X GraphicWall, 4 Board Elements/Set
LW-X GraphicWall, 4 Board Elements/Set

LW-X GraphicWall, 4 Board Elements/Set

Present your visual presentations with the GraphicWall LW-X Starter Set designed for professionals seeking the ideal display solution. With a generous working surface of nearly 3 meters and your surface choice between a cardboard or laminated felt fabric, this set offers plenty of space to showcase your creative ideas effectively. 

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LW-X GraphicWall, 4 Board Elements/Set

The GraphicWall LW-X stands out as a one-of-a-kind panel system designed for visualizers, offering unlimited expansion possibilities.

Modular Design:
The LW-X is a versatile and portable wall system that can be disassembled to compact dimensions for convenient transportation. With its innovative plug-in/screw technology it can quickly and easily be assembled on site without hassle. 

It consists of four board elements crafted from your choice of either cardboard or felt-covered hard foam board, securely placed within aluminum profiles at the upper and lower sections. The end frames are polished off with a separate pieces completing the aesthetic. This configuration grants the LW-X - divided into four parts, a working width of 2.96 m. Each board element features a convenient bottom marker tray to keep markers within easy reach. 

LW-X Accessories:
The Neuland LW-X offers a custom solution by allowing users the flexibility to expand their work width surface any time. With the option to separately purchase individual board elements the LW-X is able to accommodate your changing needs. Additionally, the range includes practical accessories such as an paper roll device, roll racks, FlipChart paper pad holder, and carrying bags, making it a comprehensive and convenient choice for a variety of professional needs.

Set Includes:
4 board elements framed in S004 silver
Board surface options: black cardboard or laminated felt fabric in anthracite
1 Frame end set
2 Tripod leg stands

Working width: approx. 2.95 m / 9.7 ft.
Height: 182 - 207 cm / 72 – 81.5 inches (6 height adjustable levels)
Gross weight: 17 kg / 37.5 lbs (cardboard), 19 kg / 42 lbs (felt)