Pinboard EuroPin® MC²- 00 schwarz kartoniert
Pinboard EuroPin® MC²- 01 filztuch anthrazit 9294
Pinboard EuroPin® MC²- 02 filztuch hellgrau 9318
Pinboard EuroPin® MC²- 03 filztuch schwarz 9315
Pinboard EuroPin® MC²- 04 filztuch gelb 9524
Pinboard EuroPin® MC²- 05 filztuch mandarine 9022
Pinboard EuroPin® MC²- 06 filztuch signalrot 9225
Pinboard EuroPin® MC²- 08 filztuch azur 9399
Pinboard EuroPin® MC²- 16 filztuch ocean 9391
Pinboard EuroPin® MC²- 13 filztuch naturweiß 9590
Pinboard EuroPin® MC²- 09 filztuch marine 9405
Pinboard EuroPin® MC²- 10 filztuch apfel 9100
Pinnwand EuroPin® MC²
Pinboard EuroPin® MC²
Pinboard EuroPin® MC²

Pinboard EuroPin® MC²

Our bestselling premium foldable pinboard and made it fold in twice! Making it highly portable for those space concious during transport. Selectable as black foam board (K00) or with felt (colors 01-16).
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Pinboard EuroPin® MC²

The brilliant original EuroPin® MC is our most popular foldable pinboard and now the EuroPin® MC² takes its genius one step further – we have created it to fold twice becoming the smallest full-sized transportable pinboard!
The EuroPin® MC² neatly folds twice and is designed with all the same technology as our original EuroPin® MC. No tools are required for assembly. By simply gliding the slide bars away from the hinges the 3 panels conveniently fold down, then remove the legs with our push-button technology to park them onto the side frame, and now you have a travel ready compact-sized pinboard that neatly fits in your back seat or in the trunk of your car.
The aluminum frame guarantees minimum weight but maximum strength ensuring safe and easy transport.

Customize your EuroPin® by choosing from a variety of available felt colors or black foam board.

Technical details:
Aluminum frame, powder-coated in RAL 9007 grey aluminum

Total size: W 126,5 x H 193 cm / W 50 x H 76 inches
Working surface: W 118,.5 x H 146 cm / W 46.7 x H 57.5 inches
Transport size: W 136 x H 54 cm / W 53.5 x H 21 inches
Weight: 7 kg / 15.4 lbs (no felt), 7.5 kg / 16.5 lbs (with felt)