Mischen possible Set
Mischen possible Set
Mischen possible Set
Mischen possible Set

Mischen possible Set

Set with the three basic colors and empty markers to mix endless color variations! #mischenpossible
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Mischen possible Set

Our colorful "Mischen* possible“ set from our HandsOn issue 02/2017 "Refill"! It's easy to mix your colors! Get the ”Mischen* possible“ set in our practical Markerbox M Novario®!
We recommend testing the mixed colours on a piece of paper before filling the marker. This allows you to clearly judge the color result as it can appear different in the refill bottle.

Email your own recipes to us at Neuland or share them with us and other on Facebook or Instagram. #mischenpossible

1x Refill Ink RefillOne, 301 turquoise
1x Refill Ink RefillOne, 501 yellow
1x Refill Ink RefillOne, 704 neon pink
1x RefillOne bottle, empty
2x Neuland No.One®, round nib 2.5 mm, empty
2x Neuland No.One®, wedge nib 2-6 mm, empty
1x Markerbox M Novario®

Technical Specifications:
Refill-Ink: Water-based ink, VOC content: 0%, 45 ml each bottle, material: PE
Markers: material PP
Markerbox M Novario®: Made from cardboard, with a compartment divider in the middle.
Size: W 10.5 x H 10 x D 8.5 cm / W 4 x H 4 x D 3 inches

* ”Mischen“ is the German word for ”to mix“ and it's pronounced ”mission“.