ShapeOne Mini- heart
ShapeOne Mini- stop
ShapeOne Mini- rocket
ShapeOne Mini- mirror
ShapeOne Mini- star
ShapeOne Mini- megaphone
ShapeOne Mini- travel
ShapeOne Mini- bubble
ShapeOne Mini- direction
ShapeOne Mini- komplettset
ShapeOne Mini
ShapeOne Mini
ShapeOne Mini
ShapeOne Mini
ShapeOne Mini
ShapeOne Mini
ShapeOne Mini
ShapeOne Mini

ShapeOne Mini

Visual statements in no time – with inscribable acrylic signs
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ShapeOne Mini

These convenient signs made of acrylic glass are inscribable and can be combined with Estatics. You can use ShapeOne in many different situations, such as video conferences or circle work, and easily signal what you want to express. There are nine icons in two different sizes that can be held without covering the front, thanks to the handle.

The ShapeOne icons and their respective associations:
Heart: Affection, approval, love
Stop: Time out, break, intervention
Rocket: Total approval, positive evaluation, motivation
Mirror: Reflection, consciousness, (self-)examination
Star (shooting star): Vision, foresight, award, praise
Megaphone: Announcement, important information, attention, cheering
Travel (suitcase): Things you offer, resources, requirements
Bubble: Statement, input, announcement
Direction (trail sign): Goal, direction, future

You can either get single shapes or a set of all nine icons. Each ShapeOne has a little hole to attach it to a pinboard. Or you simply add a loop to hang it wherever you like.

With ShapeOne you can make visual statements in no time, visualize thoughts and emotions, and add some extra fun to your training – online or in-person.

Technical details:
Material: Acrylic glass, 3 mm, white
Acrylic glass, process: laser cutting