FlipChart-Paper-RescueKit, beige
FlipChart-Paper-RescueKit, beige

FlipChart-Paper-RescueKit, beige

First aid for torn off FlipChart paper sheets that should be re-hung on the FlipChart again.
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FlipChart-Paper-RescueKit, beige

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You have accidentally torn a sheet from the FlipChart block over the tear-off edge of the paper holder or at the perforation and now have no holes in the sheet to hang it up on the FlipChart? No problem, because with the FlipChart-Paper-RescueKit you have a hanging possibility on your important chart again in seconds. Simply detach a hanger from the sheet, fold it so that the two holes overlap and then stick it flush to the side of the sheet. And your chart is ready to go again.

20 sheets of 9